The Grand Tour Season 2 Episode 1 review

So, the first episode of The Grand Tour, Season 2 has been aired and here are my words on the episode.

The summary:

  • The past, the present and the future: A petrol powered Lamborghini Aventador S.V, driven by Jeremy, a hybrid electric Honda NSX driven by May and the world’s first All Electric super car, the Rimac Concept One driven by Hammond
  • New segment called Celebrity Face-off featuring former talent show judges, David Hasselhoff and Ricky Wilson, both driving a Jaguar F Type.
  • Hammond flipping his car in a hill climb event

Starting from the hosts, there is no doubt the combo of the three hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond is the rare gift of God to this generation. Soon after they left the BBC Top Gear, we witnessed James May quoting in response to a question by some journalist, and I quote:

“We come as a package”

Now we can clearly relate what that statement meant. This trio is surely incomplete without each other and that’s where we were faced with a situation when Hammond rolled his Rimac Concept One off a cliff and almost died.

As a result of the accident. Hammond changed this:

Into this:

Yes, you heard me right. As soon as Hammond finished the hill climb track finish line, he couldn’t judge the sharp corner coming and went straight off the cliff. Although he had suffered injuries and was rescued to a hospital through a helicopter, but he is safe. This accident was one of the reasons the show was delayed to be launched.

As for the main topic of the first episode, the three argued to find out which generation of the super cars is the best, the conventional internal combustion engine, the new trend of hybrid electric or the future all-electric. The cars chosen were Aventador SV, NSX and Rimac Concept One. Although these things depend on personal choices and tastes, however, one thing is obvious and that is the sounds of the super cars which the all-electric cars lack. Absence of the engine noise makes these cars boring.

Overall, it was a very impressive combination of automotive talks and automotive entertainment. For me, these guys have always been a source of knowledge. For example, I learned through this episode that car racing is banned in Switzerland since 1955 due to an accident in Le Mans event in France. Jeremy explained the situation in perfect words;

“It is exactly similar to America invading Iraq because some Saudi guy attacked World Trade Center”.

In the episode, the beautiful roads of Switzerland along with three dream cars make the episode most interesting. The hosts taking the cars through the narrow streets of the city amuse the viewers so much.

The new segment, Celebrity Face-off, has been made very interesting. Now two celebrities from the same field will go head to head in a Jaguar F Type. There will not be any score board as it used to be. The scores will be limited to the single episode and two celebrities. Although the celebrities in the current episode lacked true interest in motorsports, it would have been better if some known motorsports enthusiasts were chosen for the kickoff which would have left a good impression. Still, we hope to see some interesting personalities in coming episodes.

The episode ended on Hammond’s crash. Since his car was electric, it contained 80,000 lithium-ion cells which kept catching fire for 5 days. Aventador yielded the best track time in the hill climb event, and it was not driven by Jeremy himself because as per the rules of the race, helmet was must and Jeremy due to his height wasn’t able to put helmet on and sit in the car. Therefore, he asked the Lamborghini test driver to drive the car for him and keep saying some funny phrases such as “Hammond you idiot”, so that people may not know its not him driving. Aventador scored best of the hill climb track, However, on a drag strip, the Rimac Concept One was astoundingly fast beating the other two cars by big gaps.

Amazon has been able to keep the legacy of the motorsports show alive, we don’t care if it comes with a new name. We are really thankful to Amazon for this. Watch the episode and add your comments on the same.

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